Microsoft continues to implement important new features for the application of Xbox on Windows 10, and the newer one has finally incorporated xCloud. Previously, it was already possible to use this service on mobile phones, tablets and PCs via a browser, for it has already arrived natively in the official application.

By means of a new publication in Xbox Wire, it was confirmed that xCloud is now available in the app Xbox for Windows 10. This means that you can now play any game that you start on your console. Xbox One / Series X / Series S through the app Xbox on Windows 10 via streaming.

Regarding the technical section, the signature of Redmond confirmed that all games in streaming They will run at a resolution of 1080p and 60 frames per second, so if you want to play natively in 4K you will have to do it through your console. For the titles that are compatible with Cloud Gaming you must visit a new tab that is available in the app Xbox.


Via: IGN

xCloud is now available in the Xbox app for Windows 10

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