Xbox will give away a Stranger Things-themed Xbox Series S that all fans would like to have

Xbox will give away a Stranger Things-themed Xbox Series S that all fans would like to have

Great news for the entire Xbox gaming community is that, with the premiere of Season 4 of Stranger Things, Xbox wants to celebrate this event in a big way, so it is preparing a special contest that will allow its followers to win a fabulous themed console .

Something that seems quite striking to us is that it is a very special Xbox Series S, as it is fully personalized with motifs from the successful Netflix series. The company has prepared several systems that it will give away in a special dynamic that will take place in the United States, but there will also be gifts for the rest of the players who follow the brand on Twitter.


Marcos Waltenberg, director in charge of global partnerships for Xbox, explained that the Stranger Things special edition console has a special design based on the Upside Down. So they wear a black color and various details that will be familiar to fans of the series. In addition, it has the production logo and a custom control that looks great.

The design of the system is also based on cassette players from the 80’s so it will feel nostalgic for some. “The Upside Down Xbox Series S console features a twisted and unique style, with vines, flora and fauna that you can find in the depths of the Upside Down.

Each console will be protected in a special container for hazardous materials until the winners are known! ”, Xbox stated. The company will carry out a special dynamic in Los Angeles, United States, so that its fans can take one of the 30 consoles that were prepared for the promotion.

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The good news is that there will be an opportunity for players from all regions to also participate and get the fabulous gift. At the time of this writing, the dynamics for participating online have not been disclosed. However, we know that one of the requirements to be fulfilled will be to follow Xbox on Twitter.