The day and date have arrived, the Halo Infinite technical demo is currently available to all Halo Insiders, although only on PC for now. In these few trial days, which span the entire weekend, Xbox users are really impressed with the tech demo, highlighting the refined gameplay, the textures and how well it all works. It certainly looks like 343 Industries has done a good job improving the game for the final release.

Through Twitter, various users have posted images and videos playing the Halo Infinite technical demo on their accounts. While the gameplay is only against AI bots, Players have been able to see the graphics, textures, new weapons, and how the overall character movement has been greatly refined and improved. Good feedback that gives us good hope when the PVP demo and full game are released soon.

Xbox users are really impressed with the Halo Infinite tech demo

343i Confirms Future Halo Infinite Betas Will Be Much Bigger

As we can see in all the publications, users are highlighting various things throughout their test. Jon cartwright of Nintendo Life for example, has highlighted that (translated) “There are absolutely modern elements, but they don’t undermine the classics. Everything works very well and the combat feels so refined. “ Other users have emphasized the wonderfulness of the textures, which despite being a technical test and is not yet the end, have been really impressed with the detail.

Together, users have been testing new weapons and ways to play, like the new Skewer for example, which has been featured in various publications. Without a doubt, A good first experience of Halo Infinite has been the users who have been able to register and participate in this first instance. Let’s remember that, if you couldn’t be part of this first beta, new demos will be coming over the months, with the expected inclusion of the PVP mode.

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