Xbox Series X|S debuts a new feature to make your life easier

Xbox Series X|S debuts a new feature to make your life easier

New accessibility options that turn Xbox from everything to a home media hub.

Sometimes, if you have many devices connected to the TV and you are one of those who use several at the same time, from several consoles, PCs or the same Smart TV apps, it can be a bit cumbersome to have to use the remote control to switch between video inputs. More if you use a PC monitor and you don’t even have a controller. To do this, the Xbox system has implemented a new feature that allows to automatically switch the video input of the screen to that of the console by simply pressing a button on the controller.

As explained by Eden Marie through her personal Twitter account, one of the Xbox system engineers, thanks to the HDMI-CEC technology of the Microsoft console, pressing the guide button on the Xbox controller, the screen will automatically return to the console image no matter where you were. It is available now for Xbox Series X|S consoles.

“Hey Xbox! All Series X|S consoles are getting a feature, starting today, that will switch the input from your TV to your console when you press the Xbox button on your controller. You’ll need to have HDMI-CEC enabled and a setup that supports it, but look no further than that remote! Eden Marie explains. As can be seen in the image, this setting is within the section “TV and screen options” within the “General” section of the Xbox settings menu. Once inside, the option to turn HDMI-CEC on and off is found in the “Device Control” submenu.

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Home automation on your Xbox

Apart from being able to change the TV’s video input, the system’s HDMI-CEC technology Xbox lets you send volume commands to other devices, such as a sound system, that can turn off the console or that the console can remotely turn other devices on and off. In short, what has been a connected home, although many people do not take full advantage of these functions.

Xbox Game Pass confirms its first game for May 2022

Certainly one of really useful option if, for example, you start downloading an Xbox Game Pass game and in the meantime you switch to PC or TV to kill time. With a single button it returns directly to the console to start playing. You can try it out right now with the first Xbox Game Pass games of April.

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