Xbox Series X Stranger Things Edition Giveaway

Xbox Series X Stranger Things Edition Giveaway

platform Netflix is celebrating, since a few weeks ago the fourth season of stranger thingsa series that had remained in a great hiatus since its last chapters released in 2019. And now, microsoft is joining the celebration, so he has decided to give something very special to some very lucky fans.

Specifically, the brand created some consoles Xbox Series S looking like Upside Downthese are unique and very limited, something that already happened with a contest of StarWars. So the most fanatical will have to fight to keep their device, having a contest that this time is a bit limited compared to other times.

xbox stranger

To be able to participate for one of the 30 consoles Xbox Series S of stranger thingsthose interested will have to present themselves on the days May 26 and 27 on the xbox plaza of The Angels. It is worth mentioning that these will not be the only gifts, so it will be worth taking a walk to get some accessories related to the series of Netflix.

On related topics. It is confirmed how hopper managed to return in the most recent episodes, a mystery that many users stayed with for three years. If you want to know the answer, we invite you to click on the following link.

Remember that Stranger Things 4 is already available in Netflix.

Via: xboxnews

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