Every so often we witness the endless, unfriendly and useless console war, which only provokes hatred and pointless discussions about something that we should all just enjoy: video games. Just yesterday the official Xbox account responded notably and successfully to recurring comments saying “PS5 is better” on social media, generating not only thousands of likes, but also being a trending topic on the bird’s social network.

Through its official count On Twitter, Xbox responded to the hundreds of comments that occasionally come in against the company, nonsensically boasting that “PS5 is better.” While most of these comments are fanatical people of other companies, It should be noted that Xbox’s response was in the style of Phil Spencer, who no longer wears out on these types of details.

Xbox Responds Notably To “PS5 Is Better” Comments On Social Media

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The tweet in question has been a success, generating up to today more than 180 thousand likes and more than 7 thousand comments, generating what consoles should really mean. Xbox responded (translated): “To the people in our responses who say ‘PS5 is better’: The best console is the one you enjoy playing. Have fun!”. This is clearly a message inspired by the politics of Phil Spencer, who no longer believes and is worn out in “console warfare.”

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In recent years we have seen how Xbox through Phil Spencer has adopted a much friendlier policy and approach with its competition, congratulating them when they meet important milestones over time. The most recent, for example, were the words that Phil Spencer had about the new Valve Steam Deck console.

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