The launch of Age of Empires IV it’s only a few hours away. Thus, Xbox has decided to create some pretty interesting promotional material. To celebrate the arrival of this RTS, players will have the opportunity to obtain a cereal inspired by this series.

Recently, the account of Xbox ANZ announced a contest, where all the people who participate have the opportunity to obtain a cereal called Wolol-o’s, this in reference to the classic meme that originated in Age of Empires II. This food is real, but it will not be for sale, since it can only be won by means of a valid call for Australia and New Zealand.

Next to the cereal, Winners will also receive a 12-month Xbox Game Pass code and soundtrack for Age of Empires II on a CD. This is the description offered:

“With the name of the cereal derived from the priest’s battle cry in the first edition of the game, believe it or not, but WOLOL’Os is a real and completely edible cereal. Filled with goodness to help build strong and healthy Strategic Minds, this cereal is not only a great way to start the day, but also a surefire way to turn your enemies! “

Age of Empires IV will come to PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, as well as day one to Xbox Game Pass, on October 28. You can check our review of the game here.


Editor’s Note:

Without a doubt, a great promo. Hopefully something like this reaches other markets, as the cereal will surely become a collector’s item. The question is: what does it taste like?

Via: GameSpot

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Xbox releases Age of Empires cereal

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