For a few weeks, rumors about Xbox movements have flooded the networks again. A few days ago it was a year since the announcement of the purchase of Bethesda; an acquisition that surprised the entire industry by its size. Microsoft managed to keep the acquisition of the new studios a secret, but since then, fans of the brand have been watching for any new moves it might make. The rumors broke out a few weeks ago, both on the networks and in forums such as the Xbox Era, when an avalanche of users was commenting on the possible new studies that could reach Xbox. And the rumors may not be so wrong, because Xbox is preparing a major announcement for October.

Xbox is preparing a big announcement for October. New acquisitions underway?

As we have learned in Somosxbox, Microsoft would be preparing a major Xbox announcement for October. The information has not specified more, but it may have to do with the arrival of a new member to Xbox Game Studios. It is unlikely that it is a new exclusive title for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Game Pass, because Phil Spencer already commented that he preferred games to be the protagonists of big events such as E3 or The Game Awards, reserving the rest of the news for later. It could be the celebration of a new X0, although the usual thing has always been to announce it through Twitter and the official portals, without there being so much secrecy.

What do you think? What do you think will be the big announcement that Xbox has prepared for October?

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