For a few moments now, gamers seem to be having connection problems on Xbox. According to the tweets of some users and according to what we have been able to verify, Xbox Live is down and with connection problems to be able to access the profiles. According to the connection status of Xbox Live right now, it is practically impossible to access the profile that users have assigned to the console, even if the line is good. As a consequence, it is also impossible to access multiplayer games, parties, applications or even check other aspects such as subscriptions and payments.

Xbox Live is down and players are having connection issues

Please try again in a bit. Unable to login. Please try again in a few minutes or check the status of the Xbox Support service ”, is the message that is appearing to some players, accompanied by a reference code.

Microsoft has already released a statement about its technical failures, commenting that the team has already been informed of the complaints about the connection status of the Xbox Network and that they will keep users updated through Twitter or the Xbox official website. This is a general failure of the entire Xbox system, because some users are also commenting that it is being impossible for them to access the Xbox mobile application.

In case you are experiencing the same problem, we recommend that you wait for the official information from Microsoft and that you keep waiting.