Xbox fans are calling for Microsoft to bring back classic Activision games

Xbox fans are calling for Microsoft to bring back classic Activision games

With the recent purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, all analysts and fans of the brand have begun to speculate what exactly the future of the company will be, with a large number of classic IPs under their belt. As a result of the above, it is many fans have started a campaign of the games they would like Microsoft to take back from Activision, appearing very nostalgic names.

Through social networks, particularly Twitter, many users have been asking Microsoft, specifically Phil Spencer, the classic games that should return from Activision, either as a backwards compatible game or new installments. It is curious to see the large number of classic and forgotten IPs that Activision has, and that are being named for the first time in a long time, such as True Crime, World of Warcraft on Xbox, DJ Hero, Skylanders, Geometry Wars among many others.

Xbox fans are calling for Microsoft to bring back classic Activision games

The rebirth of Activision Blizzard, the Xbox empire

As we can see in some of the tweets, the game that sounds and is commented the most on the networks is Blur, a racing title of the most attractive and visual that could be found in the Xbox 360 generation. Its adrenaline-filled races conquered many players at that time. Another of the games that sounds quite a lot is the classic and nostalgic Guitar Hero, whose last installment was for the year 2015, with Guitar Hero Live. Although this saga is a little more complicated to bring it back due to the peripherals that Xbox would have to manufacture, deliveries such as Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock have remained in the consciousness of a large part of fans, wanting to play again.

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Only time will tell if Microsoft actually ends up listening to fans and bringing back classic and forgotten Activision sagas, which unfortunately were never considered again. Knowing Phil Spencer, there is no doubt that he is already thinking about this possibility, because he is constantly interacting and listening to users who write to him on social networks.

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