Microsoft takes a while working on improving its catalog of exclusive studios and games. To do this, the company has spent the last few years buying new studios, and they plan to follow Sony’s strategy with its exclusives for the next few years. Now, a recent rumor claims that Xbox would have gotten the rights to a “great” title from third parties, and would be launching soon exclusively on Xbox consoles.

The rumor comes from the hands of Millie Amand, Video Game Analyst that a very important niche has been made in the industry. As Amand tells us on his Twitter profile, «Xbox has secured some sort of exclusivity on a GREAT third-party title«. Also, specify that this contract it wouldn’t be limited to an Xbox Game Pass release. Amand appends that the terms «Pleasure” and “Rapt»Were used during the description of the parties involved in the deal.

Of course, at the moment we do not know from what «BIG»Title could be treated, although perhaps Xbox is reserving your ad for later. According to Game Rant’s account, Bloober Team, The Medium’s development team could have something to do with this new title; although this is nothing more than mere speculation. For her part, Millie Amand has a very good reputation within the industry, managing to filter correct information weeks in advance, so we await the prompt confirmation of this news.

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It is expected that at the end of this same year we will be receiving new titles for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. The company is currently working on big titles like Halo Infinite, a game that was recently shown in great detail in its campaign mode, and that has also revealed its minimum and recommended requirements for PC players.