Xbox controller connection problems and how to fix them

Xbox controller connection problems and how to fix them

Everyone knows that the Xbox controller has enjoyed justified popularity for several years, not only among people who play with the console but even on PC, where it is the most chosen controller for those who play on PC with a controller, and is that among its main virtues is that it is a comfortable controller and generally works very well on both platforms.
Obviously there is the possibility of problems or failures, no device is exempt from this, so in this post we will talk about the most common problems in an Xbox controller and how to fix it.

As we have already talked about on other occasions, wireless controls have advantages and disadvantages, they are quite comfortable and give the person the freedom to play at the distance they want from the screen. The problem is that when malfunctions occur, these are usually connectivityand that is a problem, since it needs Bluetooth to be able to pair with the console or PC.

What to do if the Xbox controller does not connect?

A common problem with these wireless controllers is that won’t connect to xbox or computer, even using the Microsoft adapter that some wireless controllers come with. Microsoft has a limitation in its Windows operating system, and that is that it only allows 8 devices to be connected wirelessly, so if the command is outside that number it will not be possible to connect.

And that can happen not specifically because you already have the 8 devices connected at the moment, but what can happen is that some device or some of the ones you connected remain attached in the Devices and printers section, obviously in this case we are talking of what can happen on a computer.
To check it you must follow the path: Windows -> Control Panel -> Devices and printers.

While there, all connected devices will be displayed, check that there is no connected one that, at the moment you do not need or that is not even connectedhaving deactivated it, try to connect the controller again.

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What to do if the remote frequently disconnects?

There are some causes that may be behind continuous disconnections from the controller, it is something that can be quite annoying if it extends over time, the first cause may be that the controller has run out of power or that there is a connection problem with the Microsoft adapter if you have one.
Something you should also keep in mind is that these types of controls are programmed to turn off after 15 minutes of inactivitythis in order to save battery.

Xbox controller connection problems and how to fix them 3

Then make sure that the remote is loaded correctly and that is within your specific connection rangethat is, if your TV and the console are more than 10 meters from the remote, it is normal for there to be disconnections and you have to pair them again.
Another cause may be that the remote control battery is not inserted correctly and with any sudden movement it disconnects for a moment, then remove the cover of the control and verify that the battery is well connected.

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If you are on a computer or laptop you should check that the adapter is well connected to the PC, we remember that not all controls need a wireless adapter to be used on PC. IF it is the case that your controller does not need an adapter, this solution does not correspond to said controller; but if this is the case then check that it is well connected to the PC and try another USB port, a computer usually has between 5 to 9 USB ports.

If the problem persists, it may be due to a physical problem, perhaps the component that makes it possible to connect wirelessly has been damaged, If it is within the warranty period, you must take it to the store where you bought it and request its repair.if you bought it through Amazon it is the same, you must contact the seller or the platform.

What to do if the Xbox controller light flashes frequently?

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When you press the Xbox button on your controller and it flashes that means that it is not linked or paired with the console or the computerthis may be because you were using the controller with another device as you can only pair it with one device at a time.

A temporary solution is to connect the controller via a USB cable to do the pairing, it shouldn’t be necessary, but it can happen, if this happens repeatedly you can send it for review if it has a guarantee, if not, then you have the option to buy a new one. you do not have to make a large outlay and there are controls with 3-meter-long cables.

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What to do if the Xbox controller does not turn on?

If it happens that the controller does not turn on, what you should do is check that the battery has not been damaged, for this you have to remove the cover of the controller where the battery is located, obviously you must remove the battery as well and place two AA or AAA batteries depending on the remote you have, you can also try it with another battery if you have any extra. You will do this in order to check if the problem is with the controller or the batterysince if it is the battery simply by replacing it you can solve it.

If, on the other hand, with another battery that is fully operational, the remote still does not turn on, then we must tell you that the internal power connection is most likely defective, so the most recommended option is to buy a new one. There are plenty of licensed controller options on the market, both wireless and wired, so you should be able to find a replacement without much hassle.

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And you, have you ever suffered Xbox controller connection issues? How have you fixed these faults in the controller?