Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on cell phones and now also on Samsung Smart TV: how to play it, how much it costs and more

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on cell phones and now also on Samsung Smart TV: how to play it, how much it costs and more

It is now possible to access XBOX Cloud Gaming from Samsung Smart TVs. In this note we tell you all the details you need to know.

XBOX CloudGaming, one of the exclusive services microsoft offers its users Ultimate of GamePassis now available on mobile and Smart TV’s of Samsung in Argentina. Its main function is that of provide the opportunity to enjoy video games without the need for a console.

At first, being a paid product, you will need a membership of the xboxgamepass, and not just any, but it must be specifically its maximum level, called Ultimate. Currently, microsoft has a offer for new users, which lowers the price of the first month to only $39 Argentine pesosto then pass to be worth AR$899, no taxes included.


Cloud Gaming X on Samsung Smart TV: operation, compatible products and what games Microsoft offers

Thanks to the tool video game streaming, a new growing technology that sets the tone for what we will see in the future of digital entertainment, today we have the benefits of XBOX CloudGaming. This is possible through the screens of the Samsung smart TVs and smartphones

This technology allows stream video games via the cloudwhich basically enables you to enjoy the best deliveries without having a console. For this collaboration, It will only be accessible from Smart TV’s launched by Samsung in 2022 onwards.

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The corresponding models are: Q60B QLED 4K, QN90B QLED 4K, QN95B QLED 4K, QN800B QLED 8K, QN900B QLED 8K, the last four correspond to the series Samsung Neo. If you have any of these products, the icon XBOX CloudGaming It will appear automatically, without the need to download anything.

In turn, both joystick Xbox Elite What PlayStation Dual Sense are compatible via Bluetooth. In addition, products of 8BitDo, BackBone, Ipega, MYGT, PowerA, Razer and Steel Series can also be used freely according to Web official.

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Undoubtedly, the proposal microsoft It will bring different types of players who do not intend to make a strong investment to be able to play the latest installments. Franchises like FIFA, Star Wars, Halo, Forza and Assassin’s Creed, among many others await you in the extensive catalog of more than 200 video games of CloudGaming.

And this will not remain so, since Xbox already revealed his intention to add new titles for 2023. A clear example can be its association with RiotGameswhere the users of the GamePass they can get a happens premium in the biggest games Riot: League of Legends, Wild Rift, Valorant, TFT and Legends of Runeterrawith exclusive benefits. would you hire XBOX CloudGaming?