Xbox All Access finally arrives in Spain as a GAME exclusive

Xbox All Access finally arrives in Spain as a GAME exclusive

After its launch in 2018 within the United States, Canada and some countries on the European continent, it seems that we will finally be able to enjoy the subscription service Xbox All Access for the latest generation consoles Xbox One X and Xbox One S, thanks to the chain of stores GAME already CaixaBank Payments & Consumer. This service constitutes a financing alternative for these platforms No initial cost and 0% APR that, through monthly payments during 24 months, will allow us to acquire one of them and enjoy 2 years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

What you should know about the two Xbox All Access packs

In the following sections we will proceed to cover the details of each of the packs that the Xbox All Access makes available to its users:

The Xbox Series X Bundle

For all those looking for the option of greater power and performance, the pack of Xbox series x it is just what they need. Through monthly payments of 32.99 euros per month for 24 months, users will be able to get hold of this console and, in addition, with two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If we decided to buy the console (499.99 euros) and the subscription service separately (311.76 euros), we would have to pay 19.99 euros more with respect to the total that they make the 24 months at 32.99 euros.

The Xbox Series S Bundle

In case you are looking for a somewhat cheaper option with which to enjoy the catalog of the latest Microsoft consoles, the ideal alternative is the one offered by the pack with Xbox Series S. For 24 monthly payments of 24.99 euros, users are offered the possibility of enjoying this console, as well as 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate through an offer that allows savings of 11.99 euros.

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It should be borne in mind that, in order to access any of these offers, in addition to having to do the financing by CaixaBank, an application evaluation process must be carried out which, according to GAME in a press release, will be “quick and easy”. Also, if you have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold or Game pass, your remaining days will be added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate requested with these packs through a conversion index, up to a cumulative maximum of 36 months. Combinations of offers will not be allowed, and only one Xbox All Access per transaction, in turn forcing full payment of 24 installments once one of the packs is contracted.