Write in Klingon with LibreOffice, Firefox 96 arrives faster and be careful with Flash

Write in Klingon with LibreOffice, Firefox 96 arrives faster and be careful with Flash

It cannot be denied that in most cases one of the first programs that we run when we turn on the PC is the browser. Aware of its importance, its developers do not stop sending new updates with improvements and corrections, as is now the case with Firefox 96.

This is a program that competes with other similar proposals such as Google Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge. Its top managers have always wanted to uncheck themselves for offering privacy and security superior to that of their competitors, something that they largely achieve. In a few hours it will begin with the deployment of the new version, Firefox 96, which we will talk about below.

The new Firefox 96 arrives with some news

It is worth mentioning that it is available for download on all compatible platforms in its official launch in just a few hours. Say it is the first version of the open source web browser from 2022 with some improvements. At first you are affect performance of the program, as well as improve your security. In this way, what is achieved is that the browsing experience is more reliable and secure. Some features have been included to help improve web loading fluidity.

Additionally, Firefox 96 applies a new cookie policy by default to protect against request forgery attacks. Likewise, some errors related to the reproduction of videos or the printing of pages have been corrected. If the update does not arrive automatically, you can download from the Official FTP of the firm.

Don’t let your guard down, Flash keep doing his thing

Changing third, it must be said that we have been without official support for Flash content for several months. However, this does not mean that the standard has disappeared in its entirety, since there are still users who make use of it and some related applications.

We tell you all this because at this time it has been discovered that the malware known as FluBot through a specific Flash Player application. This new campaign of attacks comes with innovative features in order to bypass current protections.

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The Klingon language comes to LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a powerful open source office suite that does not stop improving thanks to the updates sent to us by its top managers. This is how they send us the latest functions and features developed for the different programs that make up this set. At the same time we are going to find some interesting elements that are somewhat curious like the one that we are going to talk about next.

klingon libreoffice

And it is that, shortly, among the many languages ​​supported by the programs mentioned, we We’ll find the Klingon and the Interslav. While support for the Klingon language is in full swing, the new LibreOffice 7.3 will also bring support for Interslav when it launches in early February. Here we refer to an artificial language that we can use here. Thanks in large part to the overall growth of the suite, this useful functionality is sure to delight many.