With the enormous gap of narrative level that already existed between the two different periods of the second story that we are told in the tenth season from American horror story (Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, since 2011), it was very difficult to fix it during the episode “The Future Perfect” (10×10). Inertia is a heavy bundle for the good or the simply admissible, like the black-and-white part of the alien plot in Double Feature, and for the ridiculous, that here is thrown on us when we go to all the colors of the present.

The first sequence of this chapter gives us another interesting historical rewrites about facts involving the United States; and that they are well known in the rest of the world, more for their diffusion through Hollywood productions than for any other communication or educational channel. And perhaps it serves to explain the determination of the successive residents of the White House to maintain the situation until the ill-fated Richard Nixon (Craig Sheffer); but perhaps it is almost an excess as a true hidden reason for us to suspend our disbelief.

Always, ‘The X-Files’

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The element with which these initial interactions end delves into conspiracy roots of the story to add another famous element of this insane realm. But the way it is used entails another resemblance of so many with the main argument of The X-Files (Chris Carter, since 1993); the one that takes place from the double episode composed of “Patient X” (5×13) and “The Red and the Black” (5×16) and that culminates in that of “Two Fathers” (6×11) and “One Son” (6×12) .

At this point of the season from American horror story, to doubt the influence of the essential series on the adventures of Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) would be absurd, and Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (Nip / Tuck, with the blow of a scalpel) should mention the Californian creator to thank you for your priceless contribution in the credits.

But the war rewriting is not the only one that is thrown at us in this chapter, and the next does not involve any problem of verisimilitude, so it is limited to contributing to make his reinventions of high American spheres more juicy with a focus similar to that of Forrest Gump (Robert Zemeckis, 1994). And, after the two halves finally come together about the alien nightmare coloring the gray, the ingredients are insisted upon Alien (Ridley Scott, 1979) that the end of “Blue Moon” (10×09) had left us.

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An absolutely forgettable ‘American Horror Story’ season finale

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The character of Theta (Angelica Ross), with all her talk about hybridization pregnancies, is some kind of Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd), that of The Handmaid’s Tale (Bruce Miller, since 2017), but from another planet and balance, much simplerwithout its hypocritical sanctimoniousness, nor its disturbing ambiguity, nor, therefore, its great dramatic appeal. And stays a priestess devoid of shaft and, oh, with Esperanza Gracia’s stomach gestures.

During his speech, “The Future Perfect”, which has been written by repeat offenders Brad Falchuk, Manny Coto (Dexter), Kristen Reidel (The Blacklist) and Reilly Smith (Hollywood) and rolled at the orders of Axelle carolyn (The curse of Bly Manor), which has also directed “Blood Buffet” (10×04), falls like someone who throws himself into a pool in one of the worst occasional defects of American horror story: the indiscriminate and absurd escabechinas.

Here they provoke others’ shame for the shabby, the grotesque and the laughable of his soulless staging. And yet, the most unfortunate thing is that the nonsense does not end there; we can still have a worse taste in our mouths due to its frustrating ending, the most painful from all ten seasons terrifying anthology that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have offered us to date. How far it is Double Feature of the magnificent Asylum. I hope such good times return to this FX television fiction.

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