World Day to Combat Depression: Why is it commemorated?

World Day to Combat Depression: Why is it commemorated?

Symptoms of depression

The WHO points out that, in a depressive episode, the person experiences a state of mind that combines sadness, irritability, a feeling of emptiness or a loss of enjoyment or interest in activities, most of the day, almost every day, during the minus two weeks.

Several other symptoms are present, including difficulty concentrating, feelings of excessive guilt or low self-esteem, lack of hope for the future, thoughts of death or suicide, sleep disturbances, changes in appetite or on the weight and feeling of tiredness or lack of energy.

During a depressive episode, the affected person experiences considerable difficulties in their personal, family, social, educational, occupational functioning and in other important areas.

How to diagnose and treat depression

Depending on the intensity and typology of depressive episodes over time, health care providers may offer psychological treatments. Self-medication is not an alternative.

The diagnosis of depression should be made by a mental health specialist, who will also guide all treatment, which may or may not be related to drugs. Treatments include behavioral activation, cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy, and / or antidepressant medications.