Wordle is the perfect example that the Internet we loved still exists, even if we sometimes forget it

Wordle is the perfect example that the Internet we loved still exists, even if we sometimes forget it

Wordle is the viral game of the moment, and its simplicity and style probably go against everything that modern games have used to, or the modern web itself: something good, addictive but not very demanding, simple, free, accessible, without advertising and no intention to monetize. For many it is a jewel that reminds us of the best parts of the Internet that sometimes seem to no longer exist.

The original game has a couple of months available, but it exploded in late December and early 2022 when its creator added the option to share the results. It was there when social networks such as Twitter began to fill with the already iconic yellow and green squares. Today it even has a version in Spanish and Catalan, and its creator is clear that maintaining the original magic is the key.

Why create something like Wordle?

Both for its original creator, Josh Wardle, and for Daniel Rodriguez, the Colombian who made the first version in Spanish, the main reasons seem to be: because they can and because they want. For both it is something that cost little to do and costs little to maintain and that serves to hang out for a few minutes a day, nothing more.

This sounds like something no “sane” company would do in the year 2022: create a game that does not try to hook you and consume your life, make you come back every five minutes for the next reward, sell you subscriptions or microtransactions, show you advertising, collect a lot of your data, and keep it for years and years with updates and new functions.

Wordle is now available in Spanish: this is the new version of the addictive game that hooks the internet

Useful websites is something that abounds on the Internet, with utilities of all kinds that in many cases were created with the same spirit of sharing and offering something out of pure love of art. Wordle falls perhaps further into the category of “useless” but definitely entertaining website. It is a classic noise-free brain game, something that abounds too much on the Internet.

Wordle Espanol

I personally find that the game is like a little oasis. It gives me a few minutes a day to exercise my mind (I play it in English and Spanish), and it represents a few minutes of total disconnection without noise or distractions. It doesn’t take too long, it’s fun, and I don’t have to think about anything else at the time.

You do not have to use an ad blocker, you do not have to worry about what data this website will be using in exchange for the word of the day, they will not offer me a subscription, they will not recommend me to play another game from the creator, they will not to block the next level behind a premium payment, there are no pop-ups, it just exists and nothing else.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money on the Internet with what you believe, it was missing more. It’s just that sometimes things like this are needed to remind us of another time when the fight for our constant attention was less tough. These types of sites continue to exist, and are necessary to keep the most beautiful of the Internet alive.