We know that almost half of adult men are not happy with the size of their penis. What would those statistics be among women regarding their clitoris? Well, there are those who would also like to enlarge it, and they have got down to work.

r / GrowYourClit is an English-speaking Reddit community with 24,000 followers (and not suitable for under-18s) where there is a daily debate on ways to get “Better and easier orgasms” Since 2019. Although there are posts on sex education and clinics to resolve anatomical and similar doubts, the reality is that many of the most visible and commented posts revolve around the idea of ​​enlarging the visible part of the female organ.

In many of the interactions, the common mantra for all interested parties is perceived: the bigger your clit, the better.

But why would someone do that?

For many reasons. By making the clitoris more prominent and therefore more sensitive, you will generally have better orgasms. There are those who find a beauty in excess in the part of the vulva, as others may find it in the prominent breasts or asses. A symbol of eroticism and fertility. Also, and as we will see later, the large clitoris is usually associated with more dominant sexual behaviors, empowering you could say. And finally, there are those who are not comfortable with their small tongue.

Literally, penis envy: this is how Andie, a fairly active member of the community and who was interviewed by Mel Magazine about this, describes her situation: although “I am a cisgender woman, I have always been penis envy, ever since I have use of reason. “He says he feels that he is missing” something “down there, as if his small clitoris were not enough, and he also says he believes that he needs some of that vigor and aesthetic forcefulness of the phallus.” It is difficult to express in words, but symbolically it fits who I am and how I experience sex. “

Ok, and how do you do it?

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There are several techniques. The most important, the application of androgens topically or orally. The most common is testosterone. There are women who do not feel comfortable with the possible “unwanted virilizing effects”, such as a worsening of the voice or increased hair growth, so they only apply it locally in that area. There is also dihydrotestosterone, but its effects are less well studied. According to users, androgens can lead to a growth of between 3.8 and 10 centimeters “Until reaching the genetic limit, which differs between females.”

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Another widely used method is clitoral pumping with devices like this one that can be found all over the internet, although according to some experts, if used incorrectly, it can damage erectile tissue and blood vessels. If you want to go to the next level, there is metoidioplasty or “surgical creation of a penis using existing genital tissue”, which is less invasive than phalloplasty, which is, de facto, get a micropenis using your own genital tissue and that according to different women in this forum does not imply a desire for transsexuality, but simply of that, of having a really big clitoris. As they recall in the wiki of the subforum itself, “if it is crossing your mind that a penis is nothing more than a clitoris on steroids, you are right”.

Of course, there are cis men who are drawn to those bulky, enlarged meats. You can find specific searches for that on porn sites.

Science has been studying for years why men get erections while sleeping.  This has found out

And is the matter scientifically based?

Seems that if. A 2014 study using MRIs down there found a correlation between the size of the clitoris of the subjects and the frequency of their orgasms. Its size and position, a dimension that is sometimes forgotten, but that must be borne in mind: it is believed that the closer the clitoris is to the vagina, the easier it is to climax. The study conceded a known but: correlation does not imply causality. The clitoris can be exercised, and the more sex you have, the more testosterone levels rise, which increase both the sexual appetite and the size of the organ. A feedback loop.

On the other hand, interest in testosterone may have to do with a broader fashion in western countries by promoting this male hormone. Four years ago El Confidencial reflected how clinics and treatments for their low levels were proliferating in Spain, especially focused on men with “unclassified testicular hypofunction.” low T, as they say. But in the long term, its continued use can cause infertility, erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular problems derived from the uncontrolled increase in hematocrit.

In Spain its commercialization is in injectable and gel, but in no case without a prescription. In the United States, although it is not approved by the FDA, it seems that quite a few doctors prescribe it. In any case, some of these people buy it on the black market, something that is not recommended at all.

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