Video games are one of the current bases for the development of technology and society, according to a study carried out by DFC Intelligence, by mid-2021, there are approximately more than 3.1 billion regular players, which represents an approximate of 40 percent. percent of the world’s population, which is why it is estimated that development and immersion within the gamer world, provides various market opportunities within all areas, an example of this is the integration of a video game that will allow you to capture Bitcoins, for means of augmented reality, with a gameplay type Pokémon GO.

The developer of the video game in augmented reality Pokémon GO, and the application Fold of digital commerce, which allows the use of virtual money such as Cryptocurrencies, have teamed up in the creation of a platform with which users can access rewards flanked in Satoshis, which is the smallest unit of Cryptocurrency trading.

The alliance

Niantic and Fold, joined forces to develop and integrate a section within the Fold app, where by accessing users they will be able to “play” to collect small micro parts of electronic money. The gameplay will be an immersion in augmented reality, similar to the one known in Pokémon GO, therefore players will have to travel through physical spaces with the help of mobile devices and augmented reality to capture the rewards hidden within the real world.

From the account created in the Fold app, you can access the accumulated rewards obtained within the game, and make use of that digital money, allowing users to have this video game as one more extension of the application, with which it will be possible earn and accumulate bitcoin fragments on a daily basis which can be used, for the common and habitual commerce of electronic money exchange.

The game

The first thing to do to be able to access the game is to have the Fold application, since within this the option to play will be integrated.

Cryptocurrency rewards are intended to appear in blocks that offer different rewards on an average of every 10 minutes.

The reward is estimated to provide Satoshis, which is the smallest unit of a bitcoin, which would represent that 100 million units of Satoshis, would be equivalent to one bitcoin. This small piece of electronic money is named after Satoshi Nakamoto, one of those involved in the development and creation of bitcoin.

The video game will be free and may be accessible to all audiences; however, it will only be available for now within the official Folt application, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

What is Folt?

The digital platform Folt works as a mobile digital shopping application, which allows commerce through the use of bitcoins and electronic money, which also has a physical Visa debit card, with the possibility of rewards in bitcoins for purchases, so it works as a digital bank offering multiple products and benefits.

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