On TikTok, a woman is going viral because she celebrated her 70th birthday with an Exatlón México themed party.

Exatlón México is one of the television productions that has gained the most popularity in recent years, now in its fifth season and adding more followers.

Even though the various streaming platforms continue to add subscribers everywhere, the truth is that television continues to be one of the main entertainment centers for people.

The success of Exatlón México reaches TikTok

So much so that programs like Exatlón México have conquered thousands of viewers, either because of their attractive or original content, or because of the curiosity that this type of competition usually generates.

An example of this can be seen in the case of a woman who, on the occasion of her 70 years of age, decided to hold an Exatlón México themed party and, currently, is causing a furor on TikTok, the Chinese social network that came to dominate to the world during the pandemic.

In the same way that many people organize parties with themes of different characters, such as Spider Man, Batman, The Squid Game, etc., the tiktoker @majitosoliss He uploaded a video where his grandmother is seen at her party with the theme of the popular TV Azteca program.

Even one of the things that most attracted attention is the fact that one of the attendees characterized himself as the Azteca driver, Antonio Rosique, to give a more real and fun touch to the event.


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? original sound – Manuel

Social media and the power of TikTok

Without a doubt, social networks have become a great content window or platform and, in that sense, TikTok is a very interesting compendium.

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Since the arrival of the pandemic, we have witnessed how the Chinese social network positioned itself to such a degree that, to this day, it has already exceeded one billion users worldwide, an achievement achieved in just five years of existence.

The popularity of the ByteDance platform has expanded in such a way that other networks, such as Instagram, YouTube and platforms such as Spotify, have copied some of its functions with the aim of conquering that niche of users that TikTok reached in less than a anus.

What TikTok has to offer today is a platform that grows every day through various strategies and commercial alliances, such as the one I designed together with Vimeo.

That is why it is not surprising that TikTok is one of the most used social networks by young people and by those who are dedicated to creating content.

The video of the tiktoker @majitosoliss has so far more than a million and a half reproductions, this being the one that has had the most impact among its contents, although it has others of said celebration:


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? Rodeo Clown – Golden Horse


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? In Da Getto – J. Balvin & Skrillex


From Chiapas lands ????? Constique? (because his name is Constancio who imitated Antonio Rosique)? #constique #strength #Red Team #for you #viralvideo #fyp? #tvazteca #exatlonmx #blue Team #colossal #antoniorosique #chiapasmexico

? The Muzik (Reconstruction Mix) – Luis Alvarado & Luis Alvarado

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