Netflix has risen in price again. This is the case, at least, in two of its three modes of service. And its constant escalation has made it not only the streaming platform with the highest price cap, but it also invites you to wonder if there are other cheaper and equally interesting alternatives.

Today we bring you some of those alternatives with which you can save a good handful of euros every month.

Other alternatives to Netflix

In the absence of a formal landing of a new 4K Stick, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is a magnificent tool to enjoy movies, series and hundreds of contents without spending a penny.

Thorough comparison between the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick

This little dongle connects to the TV’s UBS port and turns it into a smart multimedia device, compatible with Chromecast and the vast majority of apps in the Google Play ecosystem. That is, through this stick we can get the most out of PLEX or Kodi.


And be careful because platforms like PLEX are not satisfied with making a bridge between our own media library, to be able to watch those old series stored on a hard drive on the television: PLEX also has a vast catalog of movies, series, podcasts and live channels.


If to this we add the channels offered by other services such as the Arte channel, FreeTV,, Tifivy, Rakuten’s free channels, PLUTO TV and DTT itself We bring together a total of almost 400 free channels. Nobody can tell you that you cannot entertain yourself and enjoy content of varied quality without having to loosen your pocket.

Of course, the offer does not end here. If the Mi TV Stick offers something, it is variety to install all kinds of official applications and get even more out of your internet connection.

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Alternative streaming services to Netflix

HBO Max lands in Spain in just a week, on October 27, and it does so with a gigantic closet background – the vast majority of films owned by Warner Bros., plus many other content and series from TNT, TBS, truTV, CNN, DC, New Line, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies and more. However, he does not have his offer of 8.99 euros.

The price of Disney +, along with all the content of STAR, it also remains at 8.99 euros / month or 89.90 euros / year. For half we pay the fee AppleTV +. AND Prime Video it costs even less, as it is a service included in the annual rate for Prime customers. That is, with the 17.99 euros that the highest version of Netflix costs, the one that offers content in UHD quality on up to 4 simultaneous screens, we can get 2 and up to 3 alternative services.

11 applications we recommend for your Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Filmin It costs 7.99 euros / month, 84.00 euros / year and usually includes promotions with several months free during designated dates such as Black Friday. Starz play costs 4.99 euros per month and other minority platforms such as FlixOlé or Atresplayer Premium They operate for € 2.99 per month, in addition to having an annual plan for € 29.99.

We continue: Movistar + Lite It costs 8 euros per month, although there are constant promotions for 4, 2 and even 1 euro to start enjoying this platform. MUBI it costs one euro more per month, with an annual plan of 95.88 euros. Others like Rakuten TV offer television, some series and movies for a fee of 6.99 euros per month. Who Said Netflix Was The Only Option?

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick with Bluetooth remote control with Google Assistant and Netflix + Prime Video speed dial button (Android TV 9.0 with Google Playstore, Smart Cast, Dolby, WiFi)

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick with Bluetooth remote control with Google Assistant and Netflix + Prime Video speed dial button (Android TV 9.0 with Google Playstore, Smart Cast, Dolby, WiFi)