with hand drawing crushes any advertising campaign

with hand drawing crushes any advertising campaign

The simplicity of everyday life was demonstrated when Guadalajara Pharmacies he won over the consumer and only needed a simple drawing, with which he turned any advertising campaign around, which could be created to sell the store’s bread.

One of the main characteristics of this chain is the sale of freshly baked bread, due to the fact that they have the equipment inside their branches, for which this product has become a very important reference.

To continue making it known and motivating consumers with their purchase, a simple drawing made by hand on promotional cardboard was enough for the brand, to win hearts on networks.

The action became without a doubt a bold measure and not only that, definitive to be able to conquer the consumer through social networks, a task that is tremendously complicated, since the same impact that an action has on these platforms ends up being positive , it has the potential to end in failure and even become a brand crisis.

Faced with these actions, it is crucial to master one element, the ability of the brand to reveal itself to the market, measures that end up being a bold move before consumers.

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Advertising campaigns vs. occurrences in networks

Advertising campaigns are important creative actions aimed at connecting the brand with consumers and they do so through a wide range of events, from activations at the point of sale to bold pieces of creativity with ads on YouTube or complex measures implemented on social networks.

Each of the activities that we see in the advertising market have one thing in common and that is the effectiveness with which they seek to transcend before the consumer, a key exercise to achieve pieces that scale and not campaigns that cause a disaster in communication, as happened with brands like Fud , when in 2021 the sausage company had the idea of ​​launching a campaign for Mother’s Day, where the average criticism is that it normalized the mistreatment of mothers, in addition to stereotyping if it appears.

The power of an idea

Ideas are powerful, but what manages to ignite them is the strategy, otherwise we do not have an engine that helps brands to advance in the market.

Undoubtedly, given these new schemes, it has been possible to define a series of resources that help us understand what is effective in the market and what elements remain to be owed when we try to mature a campaign.

In creativity there are any number of processes, from the data narrative to understand the floor in which we seek to share to the execution of the piece.

In this note we have exposed two cases of advertising ideas, on the one hand we have a millionaire campaign that ended badly and on the other an occurrence where a drawing became an opportunity to understand what is valuable today when we communicate through elements as simple as a drawing that reminds us how important the market of ideas has become, where empathy is key to achieving the greatest possible impact.

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