Windows and Office from 10 euros and Windows 11 for free

Windows and Office from 10 euros and Windows 11 for free

New year, new resolutions. And why not update our equipment and have it ready and in optimal conditions so that it can be used by any member of the family? If the biggest problem you saw was the high price of software licenses, now you can take advantage of the CDKeySales new year offers.

At CDKeySales they have all kinds of licenses, mainly from Microsoft. Now with your software offerings you can have the latest version of Microsoft Office for a very low price. And if you buy a Windows license, you can also upgrade to Windows 11 for free. Below are some of the offers you can find. Remember use HT30 code to benefit from a significant discount.

How to use the discount coupon

Until the end of November, Hipertextual readers will receive a 35% discount on the initial price of Windows 10 Pro licenses and many more. We explain where to enter the discount code HT30 and, below, how to upgrade to Windows 11.

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After that, we only have to select the chosen payment method and, finally, confirm the order.

How to activate our Windows 10 license

First of all, we must go to the Windows menu, in the lower left. In the search function, we will put the word “Activation”, and it will open a box in which we will have to enter the key that will have previously reached our email, from

After entering it, we will instantly have our Windows 10 Pro license active. It couldn’t be easier.