It seems that there is hardly any information in the presentations, but days later we are still finding interesting loopholes and details. On this occasion relative to Windows 11 release or update date. Yes, Microsoft has not been very specific about it and only said that in the fall or on vacation. However, there is always information for those with a seasoned eye.

Windows 11 would arrive at the end of October

Despite all the controversy that he is generating for some of his decisions, it seems that Windows 11 is generating a lot of interest among users. Yes, Microsoft has had a very serious communication problem, as we already indicated, but its launch seems to take place within four months. Panos panay It has already indicated that it will be in October, but there are more details yet.

This could be a double event, the opportunity to present Windows 11 in its final state with the new apps and improvements they’ve made since then, and an event to present what’s new from Surface and from partners like Dell, HP, Samsung and Acer. In this way we would not only have a final vision of the operating system with the suggestions, criticisms and comments of the Windows Insider program, we would also have new hardware.

The Redmond giant has shown a series of screenshots of the new operating system and in it we can see how the date on all captures is October 20, 2021. This is usually a nod to users and brings us to the next big Microsoft launch event. Remember that we have only seen part of the work, now there are less than four months to polish some things until the launch of the new operating system.

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We remind you that This week the first official Windows 11 Build comes to the Windows Insider program. The leaked build is far from what we will see, according to Microsoft’s own engineers. As indicated, it could reach our teams today, so we will be prepared to inform you.