The Windows Insider program is more active than ever and this week we have a new Build on the Dev channel. This time we are going to talk about the Build 22458. It is the third build of this new development branch, here we will see news and corrections that will be sent to the stable version of Windows 11. Others will reach future versions of 2022 and others will simply not be developed. Let’s see what’s new in this version.

Changes and improvements

  • An option has been added to log in to the power menu of the Start menu.

Build 22458 fixes


  • Fixed an issue that affected the reliability of Startup.


  • Folders with # in the name can now be added to indexing.


  • Fixed an issue that caused settings to sometimes crash when trying to open the Display page.
  • Clicking “More information on the update frequency” In Advanced Display Settings now the support page that you are supposed to do opens.
  • Fixed an issue where the page Location Settings did not display warning text explaining why location services settings were grayed out, if grayed out at all.
  • Changes made to preferences under Manage Application Execution Aliases in Settings should now be preserved.
  • Fixed a couple of typos in the dll output.


  • A problem has been mitigated that could cause certain games to crash unexpectedly when using ALT + Enter (i.e. toggling between full screen and windowed) with Auto HDR enabled.


  • Resolved an issue that caused text truncation in the File System Encryption window in certain cases.
  • Amended a rare scenario that could cause an uninstalled app to reappear unexpectedly after reboot.
    Appx commands should now work with PowerShell 7.0+

Known bugs


  • Work is in progress to correct an issue that causes some Surface Pro Xs to throw a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR error.
  • They are working on a fix for an issue that is causing some devices to check errors with the DRIVER_PNP_WATCHDOG error when trying to update to a recent build.


  • In some cases, you won’t be able to enter text when using Start Search on the Taskbar. If this happens to you, press WIN + R to open the Run dialog and then close it.
  • System does not appear when right-clicking the Start button (WIN + X).


  • The taskbar will sometimes flicker when switching between different input methods.
  • Investigating an issue where some icons in the toolbar are being cut off by the “show hidden icons” button and are not displayed centered when using multiple monitors.


  • After clicking the Search icon on the taskbar, the Search panel may not open. If this happens, restart the process of the “Windows Explorer” and reopen the search panel.
  • The search panel may appear black and not display any content below the search box.

File Browser

  • Right-clicking on OneDrive files will cause the context menu to disappear unexpectedly when hovering over options that display sub-menus such as “Open with.”


  • The widget board may appear empty. To avoid the problem, we can log out and then log in again.
  • Widgets may be displayed in the wrong size on external monitors. If you run into this problem, you can start the widgets through the button or through WIN + W and then starting it on secondary monitors.

Windows Sandbox

  • We are investigating an issue where some Insiders cannot run Windows Sandbox in this build.

Microsoft Store

  • Work continues to improve the relevance of searches in the Store.

Linux subsystem on Windows (WSL and HyperV

  • Reports are being investigated that both WSL2 and Hyper-V do not work in this build on ARM64 PCs like Surface Pro X.

How to download Build 22458

To download it, you just have to go to Settings> Windows Update> Check for updates. Remember that you must be registered in the Dev or Beta Channel of the Windows Insider program to receive these compilations. To do this, go to Settings> Windows Update> Windows Insider Program and choose one of the two channels (Dev or Beta).