Windows 11 debuts in the market for monthly patches that is the Patch Tuesday of each month. This month of October comes through compilation 22000.258 which goes associated with the security patch with the number KB5006674. A Build that also benefits from Microsoft’s new system that achieves 40% lighter updates.

Build 22000.258 focuses primarily on fixing bugs in the Windows 11 version that can now be downloaded by all users. It fixes bugs with the Intel Killer and SmartByte network drivers and it is striking that according to Microsoft, it does not offer known problems.

Highlights, improvements, and fixes

  • Update security Windows operating system.
  • This security update includes quality improvements.
  • Solution to known compatibility issues between some Intel “Killer” software and “SmartByte” ** and Windows 11 in the original version. Devices with affected software can drop User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets under certain conditions. This creates performance and other problems for UDP-based protocols. For example, some websites may load more slowly than others on affected devices, which can cause videos to stream slower at certain resolutions. UDP-based VPN solutions can also be slower.
  • This update makes quality improvements to the maintenance stack, which is the component that installs Windows updates. Stack Update Maintenance (SSU) ensures that you have a robust and reliable maintenance stack so that your devices can receive and install updates from Microsoft.

For those with previous updates, only new fixes will be downloaded and installed on the device contained in this package. This update fixes the security vulnerabilities that appear in this guide.

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It is striking that, according to Microsoft, with this update no problem is currently detected.

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The update process is the one already known and goes through the usual route, that is, “Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update”.

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