Will Smith Loses His DC Movie Over Chris Rock Slap

Will Smith Loses His DC Movie Over Chris Rock Slap

Warner Bros had planned a new Deadshot movie with Will Smith, but after the Oscars incident with Chris Rock they have canceled it completely.

The actor Will Smith played deadshot in the movie suicide squad (2016) and since then it has been speculated that he could return to the character. But in the aftermath of James Gunn that premiered in 2021 we did not get to see it and the gap it left was filled Idris Elbe What blood sport. However, in Warner Bros. have always wanted to use deadshot and now the actor was willing. But things have changed a lot since the Oscars.

Until now, Warner Bros. couldn’t decide on the movie Will Smith because the actor demanded a payment of 20 million dollars. But since he was nominated for Oscar for Best Actor for the movie Williams method They began to pick up the slack. Since from the film studio they thought that if he won he would give a brutal boost to the film, so his cache would not be a problem. Therefore, they launched the project.

But after the Gala, the image of Will Smith has fallen a lot, in fact, Netflix has already canceled the projects it had with the actor and now Warner Bros. will do the same. Although they also want to wait a while to find out what happens, while the Hollywood star He has retired to a luxury clinic to treat the stress caused by this situation.

But the movement of Warner Bros. can also be a measure of pressure, since it can renegotiate the salary of Will Smith down and pay him less than the 20 million he demands per film. Which is the main reason why they haven’t made that movie about deadshot since the beginning.

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