Will Smith awaits ‘punishment’ from The Academy as he enters rehab

Will Smith awaits ‘punishment’ from The Academy as he enters rehab

The most recent winner of the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in ‘King Richard: A Winning Family’, will be admitted to a clinic for psychological support, the newspaper reported. TheSun. The newspaper assured that the actor you will be receiving therapy with experts who will guide you psychologically to resume his decades of acting career and bet to salvage your reputation. “The impact of the assault has taken a heavy toll on Will, so he will receive help to deal with the stress.”, mentioned a person close to the case.

On the other hand, one works soul searching to which the actor of ‘In search of happiness’ will have to resort to be able to continue with his career, his life and support his family. “This is, without a doubt, the battle of his career. It will be a high-end retreat frequented by the rich and famous,” the source close to Smith told the newspaper.

What’s next for Will Smith?

The actor is facing a debacle for his career, suspended projects and productions distancing himself from him, leaving him in an unflattering position. Smith has already apologized for his actions, both to Chris Rock, The Academy and colleagues, in turn decided to resign from the organization that holds the Oscars for his shameful acts. However, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the highest body of American cinema, will take action regarding his actions, among which there has been talk of withdrawing the statuette from the actor.

The Board of Governors of the Hollywood Academy changed its next meeting to this Friday the 8thin which he will decide the sanctions that will apply to Will Smith for slapping comedian Chris Rock during the gala.

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After the actor left by his own feet, the expulsion is no longer considered as one of the punishments, which could still include the veto for future nominations or ceremonies, permanent or temporary, as well as the withdrawal of the Oscaran unprecedented measure in the case of behavioral problems.

“Following Mr. Smith’s resignation of his Academy membership on Friday, April 1, suspension or expulsion is no longer a possibility and the legally prescribed schedule no longer applies,” said Hollywood Academy President David Rubin. .

“It is in the best interest of all those involved that this is managed in a timely manner,” Rubin assured through a letter released by Variety.