Will Smith apologizes to Michael Bay for Bad Boys (1995)

Will Smith apologizes to Michael Bay for Bad Boys (1995)

Film director Michael Bay has revealed that Will Smith has apologized for something related to the movie Bad Boys (1995).

Michael Bay He has uploaded a video to his social networks with the gift he has given him Will Smith at Christmas. It is his biographical book that contains very important parts of his childhood. But in addition, he has written a dedication apologizing and the director has wanted to reveal the reason.

In the dedication of Will Smith you can read: It’s okay, Michael. You were right, I was wrong! “ The reason for these words is that there was a conflict between the actor and the director in the filming of Bad Boys (Two Rebel Cops), as Michael Bay He wanted the performer to remove his shirt in a chase scene, but Smith almost refused. In the end they agreed that he would wear his shirt unbuttoned and after shooting a few takes, the director yelled that he had just turned the young actor into a superstar.

Here we leave you the video of the director who has uploaded to his social networks.

In part he is right. Since they both started shooting great movies.

After Bad Boys (Two Rebel Cops), Will Smith He went from being that funny kid on a television series to becoming a blockbuster action star. He proved it with movies like Independence day (nineteen ninety six), Men in Black (1997) and Public Enemy (1998). While Michael Bay made The rock (nineteen ninety six), Armageddon (1998) and Pearl harbor (2001).

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Later they met again in Two Rebel Cops II in 2003 but in the third installment Bad Boys for Life (2020), the director was replaced by Adil El Arbi Y Bilall fallah. Not forgetting that there is a fourth installment planned with Will Smith Y Martin Lawrence, but this time Michael Bay neither will it be the director.