Will Smith: 2 new bad news

Will Smith: 2 new bad news

That slap to Chris Rock is going to be very expensive for Will Smith! Since we begin to know the first negative consequences.

For now, we know that Will Smith he has publicly forfeited pardon and has resigned from being a member of the Academy. Also, the movie bad boys 4 is currently stopped. But there is two new very bad news for the famous actor. Since the slap to Chris Rock it won’t come for free.

Netflix just canceled the movie Fast and Loose that it was going to be directed by David Leitch and starring Will Smith What John Riley. The story is about the leader of a criminal gang who loses his memory and when he meets his henchmen again, he realizes that things are not what he thinks they are. For now, it looks like the streaming service has no intention of making any movies with the actor, so we probably won’t see either. Bright 2 in the near future. In addition, it could endanger the series cobra kaiof which he is the producer.

He is accused of bad behavior during the filming of Ali (2001).

More trouble for Will Smithsince the actor Paul Rodriguez who played Dr Ferdie Pacheco in the movie Alihas revealed the problems they had on the set.

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“Chris Rock only got slapped at the Oscars… But I got a verbal slap from Will Smith every day. And sometimes I think that the emotional wounds are as deep, if not deeper, than the physical ones. That movie was meant to be a huge springboard in my career, but it ended up being a nightmare for me because of all the disgusting insults I received from Smith. He was mean to me but good to everyone else. It was kind of like Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Let no one be surprised if now there are a lot of statements from actors and actresses who have worked with Will Smith and that they had problems with him.