Will Apple Watch supply cardiologists? can do electrocardiograms

Will Apple Watch supply cardiologists?  can do electrocardiograms
  • The function to perform electrocardiograms is finally available in Latin America.
  • It consists of the free ECG app and works thanks to the electrical heart rate sensor.
  • In this way, users can detect abnormalities in time to treat any heart-related disease.

Mobile devices have become an important part of the lives of millions of people. They have more and more users due to all the functions they can do. Although many are aimed at entertainment, there are also others related to health. Such is the case of Apple Watch now lets do electrocardiograms.

Over the years this smartwatch has completely transformed. At first it seemed like a simple digital clock but each new version incorporates aspects that are of interest. In fact it is now considered a medical device.

In this vein, in 2020 and during the pandemic, Apple announced that its objective was to consolidate its creation as a remote advisor to doctors. As an example, it can track each user’s cardio fitness, as well as walking speed, stride length, and other metrics.

In a quest to go one step further, the Apple Watch can also perform EKGs. Before this function was exclusive to the United States and Europe, but now for the first time it will be available in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Steps you must follow

To do this you need to have the Apple Watch Series 3 or a higher model and update to version 8.6. Then you must download the free ECG app and you will be able to do it immediately.

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For its part, the Apple Watch can perform electrocardiograms thanks to its electrical heart rate sensor. The ultimate goal is that users can detect abnormalities in time to treat any heart-related disease.

The equipment does not replace the work of doctors

Now, all of the above does not mean that the device can replace the work of cardiologists. It is actually a supplement and seeks to promote prevention. In addition, in case of obtaining an adverse result with the equipment, you should immediately go to a specialist to receive care.

With the above in mind, more and more health-related functions are coming to the Apple Watch. Another useful is Movement Disorder APIwhich is specially designed for Parkinson’s patients because it allows monitoring the two main symptoms of people affected by this neurodegenerative condition: tremor in the hands and dyskinesia, information that can be collected through graphs to determine the progress or deterioration of the patient and thus help the doctor in charge.

While during the pandemic, a study showed that it would also be useful for predicting Covid-19. The work was carried out by the Mount Sinai Health System in New York and indicates that the watch can warn of a suspected infection up to a week before the diagnosis with a nasal swab. Based on the work, heart rate variability would be the key to achieving it.

In addition to the above, it also allows detecting poor sleep, one of the most frequent disorders among the population and that reduces the quality of life of patients.