WiFi vs unlimited data, which is better?

WiFi vs unlimited data, which is better?

The unlimited data rates They came years ago to stay All major operators have one of these rates, which allows you to navigate without consumption concerns every month. Their prices are somewhat higher than a fiber-only rate, but they have the advantage that we can use them anywhere. Therefore, is a better unlimited data rate or WiFi?

It all depends on two factors: use you make of the internet, and of where you live. Depending on the use, it may be better for us to have an unlimited data rate, and if we live in an area that does not yet have fiber optic deployments, but it does have high speed mobile coverage, then having an unlimited data rate can come in handy.

WiFi has less latency and higher speed

WiFi has the advantage of offering the lower latency possible in wireless connections, since we are just meters from the entire route that the wiring takes place. With mobile networks, latency is higher, so Wi-Fi is still better for gaming.

Also, speed tends to be more stable with WiFi. A mobile network node it can easily saturate, and at peak times the speed drops substantially to figures that make it difficult to even watch a 4K video. However, with WiFi, even if there is many devices using the network at the same time, we will almost always have a guaranteed high speed.

In non-fiber areas, use unlimited data

With unlimited data, the majority of network use we do is over a mobile phone, since we have the rest of the devices connected to WiFi. However, there are two situations when this may not be the case. The first is when we are away from home, and for example we need to access the Internet from a device such as a laptop. Then, do tethering It is the best option to be able to use the Internet without problems. Second, we may go to a town that has a 4G network, but does not have fiber deployment. In that case, we may obtain speeds of up to 50 Mbps with 4G by mobile, but the ADSL that is available is limited to 10 or 15 Mbps.

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Therefore, using one or the other depends on the type of user you are and the devices where you consume the most content. The unlimited data rates They have dropped a lot in price, and it is possible to find them at prices between 25 or 30 euros. In addition, most of the convergent packages of the operators include lines with unlimited data, so they are an ideal complement to be able to continue using the Internet outside the home without worrying about consumption.

However, if you live in a town and only use Internet on mobile or Smart TV At most, you may have more than enough with an unlimited data rate, since with tethering you will be able to give Internet to the device you want to use at a certain time. In all other cases, it is better use the WiFi whenever we can, since this way we will not be unnecessarily saturating mobile networks.