Why train us in NFT’s Marketing? This summit shows you

Why train us in NFT’s Marketing?  This summit shows you

The NFT’s arrived to revolutionize the world of marketingfind out about its importance and the best strategies to do it in this Kätedra summit.

The passage of technology has left a new concept in terms of consumption habits on the planet, where more and more people are betting on acquiring different digital products and services, in part due to the growth in users that has occurred in recent years. years. According to the Digital 2022 study conducted in collaboration between We Are Social and Hootsuite, There are currently more than 4.95 billion users connected to the Internet worldwide (62.5 percent of the world’s population).who remain connected for an average of 6 hours and 58 minutes daily.

Bearing this in mind, the relatively new forms of digital consumption, such as NFTs, have managed to position themselves in the face of the new needs and demands of digital consumers, showing significant growth since their appearance and leading professionals who work in marketing need to be updated.

NonFungible information in his study where he shows the non-fungible token (NFT) transaction market capitalizationshows that during 2018 profits of 40.96 million dollars were recorded, but it took only a couple of more years for this figure to reach 338.04 million dollars, demonstrating the business opportunity that these assets can represent.

NFT's marketing summitBuy your virtual seat by clicking on the photo or link.

The NFT’s are already in the sights of the digital market, forcing all those marketing professionals who seek to be constantly updated to acquire new knowledge to stay at the forefront, grow their professional profile and provide new experiences to their respective brands and clients, a reality for which Kätedra has decided to offer you a summit with everything you need to know about this trend growing.

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NFT’s represent endless new opportunities for brands to integrate these into their marketing strategies and thus improve their consumers’ experience with new consumer trends, in addition to allowing them to still show themselves as avant-garde and pioneers in this industry, among other advantages that you can learn if you click on this link.

One of the distinguishing factors that Kätedra has to offer you the best possible experience and education is that it has the most qualified professionals in the industry to offer you their knowledge and experiences that will allow you an effective professional performance, so on this occasion it has the most innovative minds in marketing, such as:

  • Elizabeth Peniche – Field Marketing Manager at Amazon
  • Alberto Arroyo – CEO of Nation 3.0
  • Dánicel Javier – Digital Marketing Expert at Publicis Groupe
  • Carmen Gardier – Director of the Digital Area at the LATAM Level at LLYC
  • Adolfo Corujo – Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at BESO

Will this summit really help me? The program is aimed at all those who seek to expand their knowledge of the most important trends and innovations in digital marketing, where CMOS, CEOs, entrepreneurs, brand managers, data scientists, community managers, content creators among an endless number of profiles to explore, can find in this NFT’s marketing summit a strong growth opportunity.

You can now reserve your virtual seat and, if you buy it before June 30 by clicking on this link, you will be able to access the presale preview of 2,610 pesos.

Enjoy the benefits that NFT’s marketing has to offer you with this Kätedra summit, or are you going to miss them?

Why train us in NFT's Marketing? This summit shows you

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