Why the Blue Radiance Encimatic serum from Freshly Cosmetic is so successful (besides having a good discount)

Why the Blue Radiance Encimatic serum from Freshly Cosmetic is so successful (besides having a good discount)

Freshly Cosmetics the natural cosmetics firm Made in Spain (they produce and package all their products in Barcelona), has among their catalog products that have already become their hallmark and always end up on their list of best sellers. One of them is the Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum.

Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum

East exfoliating serumdesigned to help renew and eliminate dead cells from our skin, was born according to the very signature of that “need for our skin to renew itself every 28 days“. A mantra with which they defend that “with a balanced cycle of renewal and desquamation of 28 days, our skin tends to be more luminous, hydrated and without a trace of pimples or pimples“. According to the brand, the Blue Radiance Enzymatic is Suitable for all skin typeseven the most sensitive.

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So you can incorporate it into your routine from dry skin (includes moisturizing ingredients) even fat or mixed (since by including retinoids in its composition it also helps to clean the pores). And being composed of natural enzymesThey say it does not irritate the skin.

Serum Cover

As a summary we could say, as the brand points out, that the serum can “prevent wrinkles, treat blemishes (acne and blackheads) and take care of our skin“But also from Freshly they concentrate their effects on these seven main actions, endorsed on many occasions by comments from the users themselves. That I dreamedremove dead skin cells, stimulate the renewal of new cellsoxygenate and improve the skin, soothe sensitive and irritated skin, diminish age spots and scarsimprove the appearance of superficial wrinkles and deep clean pores“. ⁠

Color Serum

As a curiosity, the serum has a very intense blue color consequence of the Gardenia Blue. An ingredient extracted by fermentation from the fruit of the Gardenia Jasminoides, whose antioxidant properties, according to the brand, “fight free radicals and provide anti-aging benefits“. And as we had commented previously, now we can also find it reduced by 35 euros €26.25.

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Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum

Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum

In which step of the routine to incorporate it

Serum Freshly

“It should always be used at night, as the last step of the routine”

This product can be used every day and from the brand they always recommend shaking it before using, applying half pipette. On when to use the serum, from Freshly Cosmetics they are resounding: it should always be used at night, as the last step of the routineso as not to transport it on the face every time you apply a product on top, create a homogeneous layer that regularly exfoliates the face in all areas and renew the cells while we rest, which is when the enzymes begin to work“Unless, they point out, Omega Rich -another of the firm’s star products- forms part of our routine. In which case this would be the last product that we would apply in our ritual of skin care.

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