Why the best players are using the least popular character

Why the best players are using the least popular character

Apex Legends is in season 13, and many of its players are entering the popular battle royale with a rather curious selection, and that is, they are choosing the least popular legend, Mad Maggie has a choice rate of 1, 4%, making her the least popular character in the entire Apex Legends roster, even though she only made it to the Outlands in February.

One thing we find quite remarkable is that Rebel Warlord has earned a reputation in the community for being relatively underpowered and in need of upgrades to compete in the meta. In recent seasons, Legends like Seer, Valkyrie, Horizon, and Gibraltar have dominated ranked and pro play, leaving very little room for Maggie.

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Over the past few weeks, pros and Predators alike have been bringing Rebel Warlord into the spotlight and incorporating her into competitive comps. So has Maggie been underrated all this time, or is there some reason the pros finally started using her gear?

Apex Legends and Predators pros now use Mad Maggie

While Mad Maggie’s kit alone might seem relatively underwhelming, it’s her partnership with Seer that truly allows her to shine in professional play and top-tier ranked matches. As many squads in these highly competitive games like to lock down buildings and wait for the ring to close. Mad Maggie’s Tactical and Ultimate abilities are devastating in close quarters, especially when combined with Seer’s X-Ray abilities.

Maggie’s Drill is one of the few abilities in the game that can deal heavy damage through walls and terrain, so coupled with the Seer scan, it allows the Rebel Warlord to deal constant damage to his opponents. Not only that, this combo directly counters self resolve and makes it harder for enemies to revive teammates.

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An incredible example of this is shown by HisWattson, the previous number one Predator in Division 1 from Season 13. However, his strengths don’t end there. Maggie also counters the Gibraltar Bubble, which has long been one of the most powerful abilities in pro play.

On top of this, her extremely aggressive gear and the mobility of her Ultimate make it possible for opposing teams to rush right in after a Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive, giving your squad even more options to take out your competition.