Why should you know your blood pressure numbers in the morning and at night?

Why should you know your blood pressure numbers in the morning and at night?

If you think that by having a blood pressure of 12/8 or less, you had no risk of developing cardiovascular diseases or other complications, you are wrong.

Although blood triglycerides are important, the quantity and quality of LDL, etc, so is knowing the difference in blood pressure between morning and night.

Hypertension is defined as a high blood pressure systolic equal to or greater than 140 mmHG and / or diastolic pressure equal to or greater than 90 mmHg. Obviously, the closer we get to this figure and, above all, if we arrive or even overshoot, we have to think about making a change of habits and reverse it.

Blood pressure, as a general normal, is higher in the morning since, in the blood, there is a higher concentration of hormones such as testosterone, adrenaline and norepinephrine, corticosteroids, etc. But there are cases that are not like that. More than the net number, we have to relate it to the circadian rhythm. We can divide this difference into 4 patterns: riser, no dipper, dipper and extreme dipper.

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Ideally, the difference between morning and evening blood pressure should be -10 to -20%, which would be called as dupper pattern. When the difference is greater than 0% (riser), that is, the blood pressure is higher at night than in the morning, when it is 0 to -10% (no dipper) or greater than -20% (dipper extreme), means that our chances of having cardiovascular complications and damaging target organs are higher.

Therefore, if you have only been observing your blood pressure in the morning, it would be correct, from now on, We advise you to measure the difference between the pressure you have in the morning and at night.

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