why is this the next chapter your brand needs to write?

why is this the next chapter your brand needs to write?

A brand they are in constant development on how to define the capacity with which they manage to be chosen by the consumer. In the face of this challenge, interesting exercises are patented in the market, such as those that warn of the importance of innovating the commercial channel and, most importantly, those that warn of how valuable it becomes to communicate from sports sponsorships.

Inside a studio PR Newswire led internationally, the firm detected that the value of this market reached 57 billion dollars in 2020, in the middle of the year of contingency.

By 2027, this figure is expected to skyrocket to $89.6 billion.

Sponsorship cases have occurred with all kinds of actions, some very important have had to do with the way in which the market is understood. Spotifyfor example, has given the surprise of being the new sponsor of Barcelona, ​​with a movement that invariably warns us of the weight that native digital brands have amassed in the market.

“Not only is it the best deal of sponsorship of the club’s history but also because of the institutional dimension and the uniqueness of its alliance with a music company and leader in the world of entertainment.

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It is a historic sponsorship agreement due to the strategic alliance with this company,” he said. Juli Guiuvice president of marketing boatadvancing what is undeniable, the weight that technology companies have before the consumer and how important it continues to be to bet on sponsorships, which is one of the oldest investments in the marketing industry, demonstrating that it continues to be effective despite age.

Damian McKinney

Given these exercises, it is important to see what helps a brand gain visibility in the market, such as Damian McKinneyCEO of Stoli and Tim Szonyglobal brand leader of Stoli and Elit, share it in this interview.

Merca2.0 – Why sponsor sporting events like Formula E?

Damian Mckinney – We are about to launch an alliance with the best team in Formula E, we spent seven months building it. I realize that one of the reasons to be in countries like Mexico is to create new chapters for brands.

Merca2.0 – What are the keys in branding for a brand to be relevant when sponsoring?

Tim Szonyi – One of the best benefits we have is the car (thinking of a racing event) itself, it is a very important element, with a vehicle that is one of the most amazing in the world. Second, we have worked a lot with formula E, because we have had the opportunity to take advantage of this event on social networks with the conversation that is triggered on these platforms.

Merca2.0 – Apart from a good sponsorship, how to keep a brand in the market?

Tim Szonyi – I think one of the hardest things is being in the moment when your consumer is considering buying a brand. One of the greatest challenges is being able to be present at that moment. One of the biggest challenges is that we have to be in that moment.

Damian Mckinney- Many people say let’s go for perfection, the second part of the story, what is relevant. Companies can be incredibly successful (with a history documenting this progress).

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