Not all free WiFi networks are created with the aim of damaging the privacy of users. However, there are malicious people with enough knowledge to take advantage of one of the vulnerabilities of this type of connection.

Risks and Threats in Public Wireless Networks

The reason why your data can be compromised in a free access network is that these types of connections do not encrypt the information. And, for this reason, if you have a WiFi connection at home, you must use WPA or WPA2 security.

This type of security not only protects the network from intruders, but also encrypts all the data sent through it, such as bank accounts, passwords, names, telephone numbers, etc.

According to the specialized blog Think Big, although these networks predominate in restaurants, airports or public places such as parks or libraries, there are security gaps that must be taken into account.

What data can they steal from you?

In addition to bank details, personal information and passwords, a hacker or hacker can also control your device remotely.

The tiktoker and IT expert Matt Linkert shows in a video how easy it can be to access a user’s webcam over a public network.


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Precautions when browsing a free network