A bootcamp is an intensive study method, where practical knowledge related to software development is imparted, from different languages ​​or programming technologies, such as Full Stack, UX / UI design (User Experience or User Experience), science of data, mobile applications or web page creation.

Its objective is that in a few months the student acquires the technical skills they need to access jobs in demand. “Without him bootcamp it would have been very difficult to obtain so much knowledge in such a short time. Thanks to that training, I got skills and contacts to get to where I am now, ”says Soto.

A similar situation happened to Kathia Peña, UX designer at Kavak. She is a graduate of Industrial Design, but changed her focus by entering the Ironhack UX / UI specialization, which allowed her to reach the car buying and selling platform, and also be the first UX designer in the workforce of this unicorn .

“I think the bootcamps They are providing many job opportunities in the technology industry that is growing rapidly in Mexico. They opened a gateway to the world of ‘tech’ for people who did not know we could dedicate ourselves to this, “he says.

According to records of the technology school, in 2020 40% of its graduates got a job in a startup, but the dream pursued by the millennials Y centennials It is working on a unicorn or a startup aimed at becoming one.

The lure of unicorns

Mercedes Pérez de Arce, Deputy Manager of Human Resources at Ecomsur Latin America, a solutions company for digital commerce, considers that the preference for unicorns and for companies that implement technological solutions is mainly due to career development promoted in the organization, to the care and strengthening of talent and the work environment.

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No less important is the possibility of working from anywhere in the world, because nowadays the new generations highly value the balance of personal and professional life, being the technology positions the ones that offer this benefit the most.

According to the IT Labor Market Report 2021, from IT Jobs, 54% of employees in this sector prefer to work in remote work schedules and 43% in hybrid formats.

For Silvina Moschini, executive producer of Unicorn Hunters and founder of the first pink unicorn in Latin America, after the Covid-19 pandemic we are going through a labor phenomenon called ‘The Great Resignation’, in which people do not hesitate to leave their jobs if these do not suit your lifestyle.

In this context, he says, working on unicorns is appealing because these companies are global, disruptive, and constantly on the move and innovating, allowing them to embrace work models that adapt to the new normal.

Given that these companies grow exponentially and rapidly, they represent an ideal environment for the professional growth of their teams. In addition, they have distinctive characteristics such as creativity, collaboration, flexibility and an entrepreneurial attitude that attract new generations, which by 2025 will be 75% of the workforce.

“We are certainly in the age of unicorns. It is an opportunity to propose a more creative, freer and happier way of working, designed from people. But this revolution demands flexibility and balance to live a better life. I am convinced that the companies that will succeed will be those that understand how to recruit and retain talent under the premise that work is something that is done and not a place where you go ”, concludes Moschini.