Why hasn’t Tom Holland signed the contract yet?

Why hasn’t Tom Holland signed the contract yet?

Actor Tom Holland has not yet signed the contract to make Spider-Man 4. Why? What are their motives? Is there danger of goodbye?

Tom holland has not yet signed the contract to do Spider-man 4. That is, the continuation of No way home still can’t be official, even though Amy pascal has made it clear that they are working on the next spider movie. Between this situation, this context of not having a signed contract, and the rumors that affirm that the return of Andrew Garfield… We no longer know what to think!

Many months ago, even before the premiere of No way home, Amy Pascal assured for Fandango that there would be more movies from Spiderman from Marvel studios. «This isn’t going to be the last movie we make with Marvel, it’s not the last Spidey movie«, Assured Pascal. «We are preparing to do the next installment of Holland’s Peter Parker with them. We always think of this as a trilogy and now we are going for another«.

None of those involved in the trilogy has signed a renewal agreement with Sony Pictures or Marvel Studios… At the moment!

However, on the other hand we know from the sources of Deadline that there is still no agreement with Tom Holland to do Spider-man 4. In fact, nothing has been signed. Not a movie, not even a trilogy. There is nothing at all. What’s more, Deadline’s sources strongly state that the studio must reach a new agreement with both the lead actor and Zendaya, and even the director himself Jon watts I would be currently free in that sense.

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We do not know the reason why the actor has not yet signed his renewal, but we are concerned. We are especially concerned because in the last statements he made he looked a little exhausted with the franchise of the Wall-crawler. After so many years, it is normal that there is a bit of fatigue, that the interpreter is curious to play other roles. But let’s hope that Sony manages to retain it and give us another trilogy like the ones they have given us in recent times.