Ford has created a fragrance with the smell of gasoline.  What's the point in the middle of an ecological transition?  Here are the keys to this curious bet.           </p><div>

The electric car has arrived with a differential force in the market. For some time now, bets like those carried by Tesla have done nothing more than incentivize product development among mainstream manufacturers. Even so, it has been until a few months ago that part of these companies They have decided to put the batteries in when it comes to electric motors.

Even so, taking a quick look at what we can find on the market, it seems clear to think that the ecological transition is here to stay. The best proof of this is the Ford’s electric vehicle layout or Volkswagen. The first of them, in fact, has dared to launch a purely electric version of its most legendary and distinctive model.

Ford has managed to create a fragrance with the classic smell of gasoline

This same brand, in fact, has become a benchmark in the alternative sector. So much so that one of the latest proposals developed by the company it has been an unconventional fragrance. On second thought, it seems that it would be a joke related to the electric car, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a fragrance with the smell of gasoline.

Yes, from the perspective of the company, could make great sense to the mobile adopting public sustainable for the first time. This is mainly due to the results obtained in a survey carried out by the brand. As can be read in the specialized portal Electrek, the classic smell of gasoline could be missed by users.

Let us see, therefore, what are the characteristics of the study that has motivated the development of this proposal, why it is simply a technology that will not be applied for the moment and, of course, to what extent have you considered the possibility never to smell the classic smell of fuel again.

A fragrance proposal thought after conducting a study

Ford is in a deep degree of transition to a catalog full of hybrid and electric mechanics. Such is the effort that is being carried out by the company that has decided to name Mustang to its first model designed to be exclusively electric, the Mustang Mach-E.

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The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a declaration of intent for what is to come. Hackercar

The aroma in question is jokingly called Mach-Eau. What sense can there be behind this curious development? The key to understanding this proposal is in the very nostalgia that the move to the electric car can generate. Yes, it is true that going to the gas station is not something pleasant for what it means for your pocket, but the key is in the classic smell of gasoline.

Ford created the fragrance based on market research analysis

Ford recently conducted a survey asking what they would miss the most if they switched to electric cars. After checking the results, the brand’s market analysis department believed it understood one of the things that the driver who has owned an electric vehicle will miss. Without a doubt, this classic smell is very, very characteristic.

Among the users who participated in the survey, one in 5 people stressed that the smell of fuel would be what they would most miss in an electric car. What’s more, 70% of users said they would miss this smell, without this being the main cause. Ford, seeing the results in question, has decided to create a kind of perfume to make the change more bearable.

A perfume based on the smell of gasoline that does not smell like gasoline

As the American company wanted to emphasize, this product does not smell like gasoline. Rather, it is a combination of odors that allow the user, through the sense of smell, to relate the electric car with a proposal not so far removed from the conventional product when it comes to dynamics. In fact, the electric car is much better in many respects.

Why Ford Created a Gasoline Scent Fragrance
Mach eau is the fragrance that Ford has created based on the survey. ELectrek

As can be read on the aforementioned portal, this perfume is not available for sale. It is not ruled out that at some point it can be used, but the truth is that it does not seem very likely. It is, therefore, a bet that seeks, above all, make the user aware of the many advantages that offer electrical mechanics compared to traditional ones.

And to you, do you think a successful promotional campaign for its car line electric or do you think it has not been a disruptive bet? What is clear is that it has generated a whole series of impressions on social networks due to the strikingness of the idea.