The growth of TikTok is due to some extent, not only to the amount of quality content that it offers us but also to the benefits that using it offers us. We well know that TikTok, in addition to being an incredible entertainment medium, became a crucial part of many people’s lives, financially speaking, since today it is possible that we profit from TikTok.

TikTok Bonus has been a widely used modality within the platform since it offers the possibility that we earn money, simply by inviting our friends to use the platform and that’s it. The money increases as the people we invite to use the App more and more.

Now, it is important to know how TikTok Bonus works, in order to enjoy its benefits, don’t you think? The first thing that we will have to do to make use of this section of Tik Tok, is to enter the App and locate the currency located on the left of the interface. There we will find an option that will tell us ” Invite ”, by pressing it, we will be able to obtain the code that we will proceed to send to our friends.

But like all platforms, TikTok sometimes has certain flaws, and TikTok Bonus is no exception since there are certain situations in which this modality does not work as it should.

Why don't some friends count on TikTok Bonus?

I have invited friends and I have 0 points. What are the possible reasons?

Inviting friends and this is not reflected in our account, can become a more common problem than we think. There are several factors for this to happen, for example:

  • The person we invited never registered. It is important that we verify if the person to whom we passed the code completed their registration because it is useless for us to send the code and that the other person does not register.
  • The person we invited already had a TikTok account. This usually happens a lot, since many people think that the operation of TikTok Bonus will give us money simply for passing the code, and it is not like that, for this to work, the code has to be used by people who do not have a Tik Tok account, and in addition to this, they must have successfully completed their registration and be active users on a daily basis.
  • The person you sent the code to is not in a country where the TikTok Bonus mode works, in that case, we recommend that they download a VPN changer.

If none of these is our case, it is likely that we need to request a new code, or even that the TikTok Bonus use policies do not allow it to operate in our country, if so, it is likely that we need a VPN changer, to be able to change our location and thus be able to use this modality.

Why don't some friends count on TikTok Bonus?

What are the requirements for a friend registration on TikTok Bonus to be valid?

The requirements for the correct use of TikTok Bonus are quite simple for both parties since for the user who sends the code, there is no major restriction. You have to be of legal age and have an active account, that’s all. Now, the person to whom we are going to send the code has to carry out a series of actions, which are not complicated at all.

This person will have to:

  • Not being an active TikTok user, will mean that you should not have the App downloaded. You will have to enter the Play Store and download it.
  • The person we invite to TikTok will have to complete their registration, filling in all the data that the application asks for, with real information.
  • Once the registration is complete, this person will be able to help the person who sent the code more, watching videos and spending a good time active in the application, in order to generate more coins, and who knows, they could also invite more people still. We recommend that you send a private message to your friend to recommend content so that they remain on the platform.

Why don't some friends count on TikTok Bonus?

The vast majority of problems presented by the TikTok platform can be easily solved, we only have to know what steps to follow. Although if it is impossible for us to solve the problems on our own, we will probably have to contact technical support.

TikTok is a social network that allows us all to take advantage of it, either by entertaining ourselves or making a profit, so if you have any kind of problem with the platform, do not hesitate to seek help, so that you can continue to enjoy being a great application.