Why don’t homeowners want to build cheap houses?

Why don’t homeowners want to build cheap houses?

Expansión friends, we have reached another weekend and, as has become usual, here is a summary with the best of our exclusive content published between last Monday and Friday.

As we know, the most important heritage of a person is a home, which for many is a dream that implies great sacrifices, work and dedication. However, you have surely wondered why recently the offer of cheap houses is not so wide.

You will find the answer in our note. It turns out that the Housing companies, in general, opt for more profitable businesses and it is better for them to build mid-segment or residential real estate over the so-called social ones.

That is why we pose the question here. Isn’t it convenient for homeowners to take a look at mixed developments and expand the offer in favor of greater inclusion in this sector?

Getting into infrastructure issues, we explain how Mexico City, despite making efforts in recent years to generate cycling spaces, still has many opportunities.

Although in 2019 a record investment of 271 million pesos was announced to meet this need, the truth is that in municipalities such as Milpa Alta and Iztapalapa the delay is evident and there is a long way to go to generate more space for lovers of pedaling.

By the way, since we touch on the subject of sports. Those who are wondering about where can i watch the soccer world cup matches in Qatar, the answer is by Sky.

The Grupo Televisa satellite television company has gone through a difficult time due to the loss of subscribers, but it is precisely with the most anticipated sporting event of 2022 that it hopes to reverse this scenario. We’ll see how many goals they manage to score with this exclusivity.

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What is undeniable is that the audiovisual content market moves and transforms at an impressive speed. That is why the cable companies and all the companies that offer pay television begin to look askance at the streaming to add new services .

This is a do-or-die thing where they have to go full throttle to stay on top of the market, but we suggest you check out our content to better understand the landscape they face.

To close with telecommunications issues. We find it very curious how it is more common to see that people get the most out of their mobile phones. It will be due to inflation or because they see the change of equipment for a better future, but the truth is that the time to leave the current device for a more modern one is getting longer and longer.

Well, América Móvil is one of the companies that has already registered this phenomenon, but it has found a way to turn it around so that it does not affect its income, because although it sells less smartphoneshas succeeded compensate with more expensive 5G plans .