Why does Dabiz Muñoz add olive oil to the water used to cook the pasta (against Italian orthodoxy)

Why does Dabiz Muñoz add olive oil to the water used to cook the pasta (against Italian orthodoxy)

Italians always cook pasta abundantly. boiling salted waterbut they never add olive oil, as is usual in many Spanish houses.

According to Italian orthodoxy on cooking pasta, the oil affects the final flavor and texture of the pasta, as it creates a film on the cooked pasta that prevents it from later absorbing the sauce well, and can even lengthen cooking times.

That is why one of the latest recipes that David Munozthe media chef from Diverxo, has prepared on his Instagram.

The recipe in question is Agus-style pastawho is none other than his father. As the cook explains in the video, his father used to prepare some minutejos sandwiches, a classic Madrid ear bite with spicy sauce. And as a tribute he has made this pasta, replacing the ear with pork rinds, which he cooks in a spicy tomato sauce.

The elaboration has been a complete success: it already has more than half a million views on the social network. It is not for less, and it is that the sauce looks amazingbut why does Muñoz add oil to the water used to cook the pasta?

As he explains in the video, It is not so that the paste does not stick, the reason so many people did this before we Italians started scolding us, and the umpteenth article on the mistakes you make when cooking pasta. Muñoz pours oil so that when the pasta is added, the cooking foam does not come out of the pot. That’s the chef’s trick, he says.

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The Italians, for sure, disagree.

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