Why do we have a red face when we are embarrassed?

Why do we have a red face when we are embarrassed?

Having a blush or a red face is a natural bodily response that is triggered by the nervous system, a complex network of nerves that activates the “fight or flight” mode. Although for some it is almost imperceptible, for others it can increase the feeling of ridicule or shame.

Those who are easily stressed or have anxiety disorders or social phobias may blush more than others. Although it can also make people feel self-conscious, blushing is not harmful in and of itself.

widened blood vessels

Although blushing and a red face can make us feel self-conscious, it is a very common answer to emotional stress. Facing any kind of threat, including embarrassing situations, can activate the body’s fight, flight, and freeze response. When this happens, the nervous system sends signals that result in various physical changes, including an increased heart rate and heightened senses.

But having a red face from embarrassment is because the blood vessels in the face widen, allowing more blood to flow through them. This increased blood flow can make the cheeks look red and feel hot. Although most people find that blushing only adds to their embarrassment, those rosy cheeks can serve an important function.

Some studies suggest that blushing, particularly after a social mishap, is a sign of appeasement or an attempt to keep the peace. Simply put, being red-faced from embarrassment can help us save face in awkward situations by subtly signaling to the other person that we mean no harm.

How to avoid it?

The key to stopping blushing in its tracks is to try to relax your body. If we feel that we are blushing too much, the slow deep breathing it can help. Breathing helps relax the body enough to stop blushing. Because flushing occurs when the body is stressed, the key to reducing flushing is to decrease the amount of stress you experience.

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Blushing also tends to occur more intensely when we are hot rather than cold. If we feel like we’re blushing, we’ll remove a few layers of clothing or move to a cooler place. Besides, drink a lot of water can help keep red face at bay. Cool or cold water tends to help best. We can even try to avoid blushing by drinking something cool or cold before a stressful event.

If we feel judged for being red in the face, we will avoid making eye contact with the person or people who make us feel uncomfortable. Can close the eyes for a minute to relax enough and reduce the redness of the face.