One of the main reasons why digitization has grown is because people seek information of all kinds through the most important channels at this level and there are many results and topics of interest.

Given this, we could ask, is health as relevant as we perceive it? And of course the answer is yes, as there are many reasons why consumers worry about knowing more about the industry, but why?

It is a fact that most patients consult their symptoms on the internet before going to the doctor and although we already know this, it must also be emphasized that the health information found on the web leads to three conclusions:

1. The need to go to the doctor
2. Take your treatment from home
3. None of the above (thus allowing any symptoms to pass)

In the first two cases, at least 82% have corroborated the information with a doctor to reach their final decision.

Following your assistance with a health professional, the following happens:

85% follow up on their treatment
29% verify the diagnosis they were given on the internet
16% seek second opinions with other doctors
1% drop out of treatment

Highlighting the second point, we can realize again the relevance that we talk about all the time about the internet, since 15% of people believe that the medical or health information that exists on the web is totally credible.

And what exactly is the most searched for on the internet in health?

Why do Internet users search for health content?

Among the most searched content are also these percentages:

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83% traditional search pages
34% brand sites and specialized health catalogs
24% information from users (forums / blogs /
23% government sites
22% doctor influence
15% health apps
13% social networks

This part is also important for doctors, because by having networks and being constantly connected with their patients, the bond of trust between them is strengthened, this being the reason why 73% of patients prefer that their doctor share information for disease prevention and all this through social networks.

With all of the above, we can ensure that the web gives us the opportunity to be in contact with doctors and patients and, as a consequence, that they continue to search the web for all the health content that gives them the opportunity to choose what they consider to be the best. for your care and well-being.


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Héctor Salinas is a graduate of CECC Pedregal with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising. He has more than 10 years of experience in the pharma industry for the development of campaigns and special projects for the main pharmaceutical companies worldwide. He is currently CEO of Sistemas Integrales, a leading agency in the pharmaceutical industry with products and brands that have leaders in the health market.