And although we may think that it does not change practically at all a mobile with Android Stock, the truth is that we do clearly find different notable changes. Not only their designs, but you can even find different configurations that cannot be applied in other smartphones. For this reason, it is time to see how One UI of a smartphone with Android Stock is better.

How is One UI better than Android Stock?

If we look at Android Stock, we will be facing an option that comes without added options and without any type of smartphone manufacturer in the middle, that is, we are facing the basic version of the operating system that Google has developed. Therefore, each mobile device manufacturer starts from this version to get to modify it with its customization layers, as is the case of Samsung with One UI. So is your software layer better?

A change in interface design

It is clear that having a good layer of personalization in our smartphone today is a key factor. For this reason, you have to know how to choose. In the case of having a Samsung Galaxy, we will enjoy a clean and quite homogeneous interface in which it will be possible to appreciate simplicity when navigating through it. That is to say, we will find a menu with different homogenized sections in which a pleasant design is applied to the user’s view. So it will be easy to locate what you were looking for.

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Customization options

In addition to the design of the interface itself, it offers us an open world full of options to be able to personalize a mobile device in different ways. You can modify all kinds of sections, from the design of the screen, the grids of the icons, the EDGE lighting, the Always on Display mode and even how we want to see the notifications on the smartphone.

one ui 3.0 design

Even in relation to notifications, we are faced with a layer of software that reduces the size of the notifications so that they are less invasive. That is to say, the screen will be used more when we are using it, for example, to play games, watch a movie, etc. And not only this, but there are also more settings for its smart dark mode and more. accessibility improvements, both for hearing and for user visibility.

Increase the experience of gestures

We can not forget the weight that the flashy is having in recent times navigation gestures or on the screen. And it is that, to be able to take advantage of the panel of a complete terminal, Samsung has worked in One UI different options to avoid having to resort to the classic virtual buttons. In this way, the screen is increased but not the effort to be able to navigate through the mobile phone, since the gestures that this software offers us can be easily performed with just one hand.