Whose fiber is Simyo and what speeds does it offer?

Whose fiber is Simyo and what speeds does it offer?

Simyo uses the Orange network

Simyo offers us broadband Internet service through fiber optics or FTTH through the Orange network throughout Spain. If we are interested in contracting fiber with Simyo, one of the first things we will have to check is if we have coverage at our home. Enough with go to the next page and enter the information of our address to be able to check it. In the case of not having coverage, we can leave the data for the operator to notify us when the fiber reaches our area.

One of the things we have to keep in mind about Simyo fiber is that use CG-NAT, so, for now, it is not possible to contract an exclusive IP for internet connection. However, this does not affect normal use. To give an example, the vast majority of online video games work correctly, in fact, the latest games on the market are already designed to work with CG-NAT.

Up to 500 Mbps with Simyo

If we are interested in hiring a fiber-only option, Simyo has three modalities whose only difference is the speed from one to the other and the price that we are going to pay monthly. The most basic option with 100 Mbps it has a price of 25.99 euros a month. Fiber 300 Mbps it has a price of 28.99 euros per month and the fiber of 500 Mbps it has a price of 30.99 euros a month. Simyo’s fiber-only rates do not include landline or line fees.

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If you are also interested in add mobile lines, Simyo allows you to configure the rate to your liking. We can select between speeds of 100, 300 or 500 Mbps and set the number of gigabytes to navigate and number of minutes that we want to have in the mobile rate. Depending on this selection, the rate will have one price or another per month.

If we go to the Simyo website at the time of customize rate There are some combinations that we cannot select, such as a line with 0 minutes and 100 Mb with 500 Mbps of fiber.

Some of the rates or combinations that we can do are 100 Mbps Fiber + Unlimited calls + 14 GB for 31.99 euros, 300 Mbps Fiber + Unlimited calls + 35 GB for 41.99 euros or 500 Mbps Fiber + Unlimited calls + 35 GB for 43.99 euros. Finally, it must be taken into account that mobile lines do not have permanence, but the fiber has a permanence of three months if you want the installation to be free.