Who will have the same role as Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe?

Who will have the same role as Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe?

The followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe know very well that the entire network of narrative threads begins to be woven in the post-credits scene of Hombre de Hierro (2008), with that mysterious character who breaks into Tony Stark’s house to tell him that there are more superheroes in the world and tell him about the Avengers Initiative, whose genesis as an idea of ​​his own Nick Fury we witnessed in Captain Marvel (2019). But it seems that he is not the only one with similar plans.

In the episode “Truth” (1×05) of the miniseries Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021), introduce us to Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaineplayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a well-known face thanks to her Elaine Benes from the sitcom Seinfeld (1990-1998) especially. She talks to the out of control John Walker to tell him that there are people who highly value her abilities and invites him to contact her. And that is what she decides to do in “One World, One People” (1×06).

Unexpectedly, the aristocrat returns in the post-credits scene of black widow (2021). She stands next to Yelena Belova, who has gone to visit the disembodied grave of Natasha Romanoff, her false sister, and orders her to get rid of Clint Barton, whom she points out as responsible for the late superheroine dying in Avengers: Endgame (2019). A plot that unfolds, of course, in the miniseries Hawk Eye (2021), and we do not know in which next installment he will return.

An ambiguous countess with a project similar to Nick Fury’s

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Already declared Kevin Feige that Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine “seems to be in recruiting mode,” so maybe it will reunite Marvel’s Suicide Squad, the Thunderbolts. “He’s a character who has a rich posting history … and, to a degree, it was difficult to figure out who can fill those shoes, which in our opinion is taking the reins away from Nick Fury,” says his partner Nate Moore. in his book Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The Art of the Series (2022).

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“But when we think about Julia Louis-Dreyfus, there was this fun energy about her where you immediately realize this person has weight and gravity, but she’s not the same as Nick Fury. It’s a completely different energy,” continues the executive producer. “There’s a sarcasm to the character that I think sets her apart from what she’s been before.” Because is very different from the director of SHIELD, more disturbing. Just like “his workers”.

Who will have the same role as Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe?

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“However, you still feel that she dominates the room,” says Nate Moore about the marvelous Amanda Waller, from whom we also have the feeling that she distances herself quite a bit in her personality; and he concludes: “If you are talking about a new leader, to some extent, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we were very lucky to find Julia Louis-Dreyfus.” The charisma of the actress cannot be doubted. Now they need to show us what the countess will come to her.